The Natural Grill Brush

Good for you. Good for your grill. Good for the planet.

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What We're Made Of...

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Safer for you and your family

Better for your grill.

Good for the planet

Upcycled Wood Handles

Handles are crafted from rubber trees that have stopped producing

Natural Plant Bristles

These bristles are tough and durable

Born from plants

Grillbadger has no plastic parts


I am an avid griller and love my Grill Badger. I have tried lots of products to clean my grill grate, but none are as good as this. No more worrying about wire bristles in my families' food. I have a BGE and regularly clean the grate at high temps and have had no issues. It is durable too, something some of the other "safe" brushes can't claim. 

Jim Davidson

Our Grillbadger arrived today and it works great! Thanks for creating a great, environment friendly product that actually works! Shipping was fast and packaging was great! 

Dana Hayes Holbrook‎

THE VERY BEST GRILL BRUSH EVER!!! We've had issues in the past with metal brushes shedding and getting into our food which could have ended very badly. Luckily we were able to spot the metal bristles before ingesting them! This brush is amazing! Its works so well cleaning our grill and we never have to fear that we will find small fragments of metal in our food! We have used it for months and even left it outside and it still works like new! This is a quality made product with a great design and such a great price.