A Sustainable and Safe Grill Brush


GRILLBADGER™ bristles are made from natural plant fibers. Any bristles that shed just fall off and burn up. Clean your grill with confidence, knowing you are safer because GRILLBADGER has no metal bristles.

Palmyra bristles are strong, durable, and heat resistant. They're suitable for warm to hot surfaces, just avoid the flames. They're tough enough to clean your grill but also gentler than metal bristles on your grill grates which is important especially for porcelain coated grates.

We care about a clean grill AND the planet that's why we made the GRILLBADGER™ from biodegradable materials. We made it with no plastic parts and the metal scraper can be recycled. The handles are wood from trees that have spent their life making rubber and the bristles are made from renewable palmyra fibers.


 Public health officials warn that metal bristle grill brushes have a potential safety risk. Our brush has no metal bristles. It eliminates the risk of metal bristles for worry free grill cleaning.



How to use Grillbadger:

Use Grillbadger just like any other grill cleaning brush. Clean the grill as it’s warming up or cooling down. Grillbadger is suitable for hot surfaces, just avoid the flames. 

  • Use on a warm or cold grill
  • DO NOT expose to direct flame
  • Outdoor use only




Cleaning Grillbadger

Over time your Grillbadger brush may require some cleaning. We recommend cleaning in warm soapy water if required. Wash and rinse well.