Best Natural Way to Clean your Grill

Cleaning Barbecue Grills the Natural Way


Safe ways to clean your grill

OK! So, you’ve already enjoyed your grill feast. Now, it’s time for you to get rid of all the dirt build-up on your grill because keeping it clean is essential to quality cooking. Cleaning it right after using makes your grill free from harmful bacteria and toxins. So, spend a few minutes scrubbing it to make it squeaky clean again.

To make your grill scrubbing experience better, choose an easy, natural, and safe cleaning way.

safest way to clean your grill

Palmyra bristles barbecue cleaning brush

Clean your grill the easy way with a palmyra bristled cleaning brush with a wood handle and a sturdy steel scraper. It's the perfect tool to efficiently remove any burnt-on or built-up food product from your grill.


The angled wooden handle provides a comfortable grip, so you can work at scrubbing without becoming fatigued.


This is such a great and natural alternative to metal bristles.


Advantages of using a palmyra grill brush 

What is a palmyra brush?

Palmyra brush is a 100% natural grill brush that is good for you, your grill, and the planet.

Good for you

You have probably already heard the news about the dangers of cleaning your grill with a wire brush. And, we’re pretty sure that you don’t want to end up in the hospital too because you ate a steak or burger that has a metal bristle in it.


The good thing about using a palmyra brush is that even if bristles fall off, they just burn up. There’s no need to get worried that you’ll end up swallowing bristles. With a palmyra brush, you can be confident with every bite.


Good for the grill

If you are looking for a grill brush, get the one with strong, durable, and heat-resistant bristles - or simply get a palmyra brush. Palmyra brush is tough enough to clean your grill. But it is also gentler than metal bristles, not scratching off the top layer of porcelain coated grates. Plus, the bristles are longer than metal bristles, so they clean deeper between the grates.


Good for the planet

We love the planet as much as we love a clean grill. That is why GRILLBADGER™ promotes a grill brush that has palmyra bristles. We chose to use palmyra because they are both renewable and biodegradable.

 grillbadger wooden brush