Why metal bristle grill brushes are not good for your health


No more metal bristle grill brushes, and here are the reasons why


Grilling is one of the things we love to do during warm spring days and cold summer nights. The smell of meat on an open fire is exciting and invites us to have a taste of the delicious and juicy barbecue.


But after the cooking and eating comes the dreaded task of cleaning up.


While metal-bristle brushes are handy for cleaning your favorite backyard grill, they’re not so safe if they ever make their way into your mouth and gut. If the bristles aren't securely attached to the brush or fall off during cleaning, ingestion of loose bristles is a hazard. They may not seem like much, but if a large enough portion of a metal bristle gets into your food and is consumed, it can cause gastrointestinal injuries and other possible health dangers.


The metal brush danger


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention already warns people about the possible injuries from inadvertently swallowing bristles from grill cleaning brushes. In fact, the CDC has already listed approximately 80,000 people come to emergency rooms every year after accidentally swallowing foreign objects. Some of the things that were discovered were wire bristles.


The small, sharp metal bristles of these brushes can break off as you’re cleaning your grill and can get stuck to your grill’s cooking surface. So the next time you use it, those unwanted bristles may stick to your food and may accidentally travel straight to your gut.


What happens when you swallow a metal grill brush bristle

Once the metal bristle enters the body, it can puncture internal organs such as the esophagus, intestines or stomach and can travel into the digestive tract where it may cause irreparable harm.


The consequences can range from sharp pains to major punctures and, worst… death.

Australian Man Swallows Metal Bristle from Barbecue Brush


Metal grill brush alternative

Metal bristles don’t just harm your internal organs. They can also leave you with some nasty, slightly painful grilling wounds.


Because of this, Grillbadger makes brushes from natural plant fibers that eliminate many of these risks. Plus, these durable brushes clean very well and, most importantly, are safe for your health.


Using palmyra bristles as our main part, we ensure that there is no risk of wires landing in your food and eventually your body. If you are ready to make the switch, order on our website now.